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A sample of extended reach wellbores penetrating productive horizons.

Warren employs the most current and innovative technologies to unlock the potential of its reservoirs. Its state of the art facility at the Wilmington Townlot Unit (WTU) has been visited by many oil company personnel and government agencies, and serves as an example of how a complex drilling and production operation can be successfully integrated into surrounding residential communities and commercial areas.

Warren owns its own fully enclosed, soundproofed drilling rig that can be easily moved from well to well on a cushion of air. This technology allows the drilling engineer to commence drilling operations just hours after finishing the last well without having to lay down pipe or dismantle any portion of the rig. The sound proofing eliminates noise and allows for around-the-clock drilling.

The actual drill site is comprised of three cellars that capture all fluids, including rainwater, that are subsequently processed, cleaned and injected into the reservoir. No fluids leave the site. Warren is abandoning all wells outside of the WTU to provide a better environment for the surrounding community. All wells within the WTU facility utilize space-saving electric submersible pumps. The wells are constantly monitored by a computerized SCADA system that maximizes run times and profitability. These technologies have set the standard in California, which other companies are trying to emulate.

Warren combines multiple technologies that enables the drilling of highly targeted wells with a minimal surface footprint. These wells are drilled in the Tar, Ranger, Upper Terminal and Ford formations.

Warren’s operations team has more than 150 years of combined experience. The team has been able to implement many technologies that are now benefitting Warren and its shareholders. Warren’s upcoming three dimensional seismic project and gas sales and transportation plans are examples of these technologies.

Warren has three main strengths concerning the wells it drills:

  1. The application of advanced technology allows us to drill complex directional and horizontal wells miles away from the surface locations, and enables geologists to maintain bit-to-formation distances of less than two feet. This ensures that the completion section of the well is optimally placed, which minimizes the coning of water and maximizes oil production and economic longevity.
  2. By thinking outside the box, Warren drilled and completed the first gravel packed, sinusoidal, extended reach well in the industry. Sinudoidal wells allow for multiple, thinly bedded sands to be intersected in the productive section of the well, and ensure drainage of hydrocarbons from the sands that could not be obtained with a traditional horizontal or vertical well. We have successfully modified this drilling and completion technique and now use it in both the Ranger and Upper Terminal sands.
  3. Attention to detail and the in-house development of a monitoring system has resulted in Warren becoming an industry leader in run times for electric submersible pumps. These pumps typically run two to three years before failure. Warren has been able to increase that time to five or more years through redesigned components used in the equipment and improved completion practices.

The application of advanced technology has allowed Warren to compete effectively and efficiently in areas where the major energy companies saw no value. This technology also allows us to fully exploit our assets in California and Wyoming, as well as take a fresh, new look at acquiring new fields in other basins.